Mills Computer Club
5000 MacArthur Boulevard | Oakland, CA 94613 |


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  1. The Mills Computer Club meets Thursdays at 4 PM in Stern 14. On weeks where there are guest speakers or workshops, we instead meet at the advertised location.
    There are many other events throughout the week or month. For more details, please visit our calendar!
  2. Our events are listed on our calendar, where you are encouraged to RSVP. If you have any questions about the event, or would like to suggest a presentation, please contact us!
  3. Here are the resources endorsed by the Mills Computer Club members:
    Python -> Learn Python the Hard Way
    Ruby -> Codecademy
    More coming soon.
  4. Yes! For a deeper understanding and ability to adapt to changing technology, a CS degree is invaluable. However, if you want to learn simple code to make tasks easier, learning programming as a hobby is simple. We host many introductory workshops on different topics, such as web development, in addition to encouraging students to take a few CS classes as electives, or as a minor. We also have a growing list of recommended resources for learning languages, shown above.
  5. We host interview and resume workshops from companies such as Google. We also suggest Cracking the Coding Interview for whiteboarding practice, and HackerRank for coding challenges.
  6. Outside of Software Engineering, there are also opportunities for Project Management, Technical Writing, UI/UX Design, non-profit work, etc.
  7. Of course! Our club members are mostly computer science students, but we welcome everyone -- academics and hobbyists alike. The club is perfect for interdisciplinary interests, such as business students wishing to manage technical teams, artists looking to do graphic design, and writers wanting a career in technical writing.